Liberia: Varney Taylor Foundation Donates Fuel, Money to Save Phebe Hospital

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Suacoco, Bong County – The Varney Taylor Foundation (VTF), a humanitarian organization, has donated a drum of diesel and a check of L$50,000 to the Phebe Hospital in Bong County.

The hospital is presently in serious need of some of the basic items so that its doors can remain open. It has been dark because of the lack of fuel to power its generator.

Most of the foundation’s donations have been carried out in Bomi County, the home of Cllr. Varney Blamo Taylor, the foundation’s chief financier, who currently resides in the US.

However, being touched by the ugly experiences confronting Phebe Hospital, the foundation saw it fit to chip-in with a drum of fuel and the money.

“God has blessed me so much. I had my challenges but He brought me through. My famous story I tell is in 2013 when my father and mother died three weeks apart while I was studying for the Washington D.C. Bar Exam.
“It was a difficult period in my life. After that, my elder brother died at the John F. Kennedy Hospital (JFK) in Monrovia due to diabetes. My two step sisters died in the village because of no access to better health care. God got me here for a reason,” Taylor told a local daily when asked about what motivated him to pay attention to Phebe Hospital.

He promised to launch a campaign in the U.S. and other parts of the world, including Liberia, to help Phebe Hospital and other medical facilities in the country.

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