May 28, 2022

4 thoughts on “Head of National Association of Foreign Exchange Bureau in Liberia Frowns Over of Businesse Owners for not Adhering CBL Rate

  1. We are the citizens we facing problem with the business people why my people in our own country USD rates has drop but thing’s prices still remain the same your please help us from this turbo oo.

  2. But what is CBL rate, because you didn’t mention it here. Things are going worste and troubling. When will your actions start to catch those marketeer that cause this problems

  3. Good morning to Central Bank of Liberia 🇱🇷 🙌
    Really I’m happy of the rate going down, but one thing the market price is still high exemple like gas ⛽ price still Going high it really affecting us as a citizens in this country we are please appealing to you personally to be able to to discuss with the ministry of commerce to see about this things really to be able to control the the price

    Nb : the rate was 170 we was buying gas 600 ld now the rate is 140 we are buying gas 640 ld

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