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Liberia: Senator Koung Admits Citizens Claims Against ArcelorMittal

Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung has unveiled that the legislative caucus of Nimba County has received petitions from some citizens of Nimba County concerning the operations of ArcelorMittal in the County.

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, a group of Nimbains gather at the campuses of the University of Liberia to discuss ArcelorMittal’s pending expansion with the government of Liberia.

One of the organizers of the group Armstrong Silikpo said they do not want the expansion of ArcelorMittal, stating that ArcelorMittal has breached all laws of the agreement.

Silikpo said that the community right law which gives five percent to a community in which a concession Company operates is been breached by ArcelorMittal, adding that the investment law also states that a Leasing agreement be extended in the last year of the previous agreement is been ostracized by National government. 

He further stated that ArcelorMittal in 2005 assured 1.7 billion dollars to improve the Liberian economy, but such is yet to be delivered, only to see the Company coming up with another 800 million dollars investment proposal to Government.

Senator Jeremiah Koung admitted that ArcelorMittal has not lived up to the agreement that was signed in 2013 between the Company and authorities of the County and is calling on the group to remain calm as the government is working to get everything fixed.

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