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Corruption Engulf Bong, As USD 800K Worth of Scraps Disappear in Thin Air

Kokoyah District-Bong County Fiscal Affairs Superintendent, Paul A. Sulonteh has strongly accused Gbarnga Businessman, Ansu Saysay of illegally and dubiously purchasing scraps given to the County by ArcelorMittal Liberia.

ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company, with a presence in 60 countries and primary steelmaking facilities in 16 countries.

According to Mr. Sulonteh, the scrap is worth a little over eight hundred thousand (800,000.00 USD) United States dollars.

He alleged that the illegal sale of the scraps is being masterminded by some local officials of Bong County including Superintendent Esther Yamah Walker.

The Bong County Fiscal Affairs Superintendent further told this paper that the scraps were been sold to Mr. Saysay for five thousand six hundred ($ 5,600.00 USD) United States dollars.

Moreover, Mr. Sulonteh alleged that he as a legitimate Financial officer of the county including Bong County Development Superintendent, Solomane Swaray and County Inspector, Moses Stubberfield were not informed about the illegal sale of the Scraps; thereby describing Superintendent Walker and others’ actions as broad day looting.

Meanwhile, the Bong County Fiscal Affairs Superintendent alleged that whenever Mr. Saysay is engaged in the County on a matter, he usually threatens the lives of people who intend to intervene in his dubious scrap purchase.

He made specific reference to Kokayah District Statutory Superintendent, Conteh Yallah who he said was threatened by Saysay of dismissal if he (Yallah) continues to engage him on scrape issues.

He further alleged that the controversial Businessman has gone on a rampage threatening local citizens of losing their lives if they continue to inquire about the dubious scrape purchasing in the County.

When contacted by the Gbarnga Businessman, Ansu Saysay admitted to purchasing one hundred-fourteen(114) tons of scraps for five thousand six hundred (USD 5,600.00) United States Dollars.

He further described Mr. Sulonteh’s allegation of illegally purchasing the scraps as false and misleading; adding that the scraps were legally purchased from the leaders of Kokoyah district and Bong County at large.

According to him, the allegation lavish against him by the County Fiscal Affairs Superintendent is only intended to damage his hard-earned character and his business entity.
Meanwhile, the Gbarnga Businessman has vowed to file a lawsuit or court actions against the Bong County Fiscal Affairs Superintendent for lavishing false allegations against him.

By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

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