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Unity Party Officials Risk Being Arrested for Obstructing Justice Regarding USD 200K Rental Fee

Officials of the former ruling Unity Party risk being arrested for reportedly obstructing justice at the Party’s headquarters on Broad Street regarding a $200,000 United States Dollars rental fee owed their former granters.

Court Officers Wednesday locked the main entrance of the Party’s headquarters on Broad Street for allegedly refusing to pay their former granter’s rent fees of over $200,000 United States Dollars.

The officers’ report according to our Judicial Correspondent indicted the Unity Party officials of instructing some of the Party partisans to destroy the lock placed on the gate by the sheriff and were forced to leave the area for fear for their life.

Our Judicial Correspondent further stated that the UP Officials risk being arrested for contempt of Court after the sheriff’s reports indicted them of impeding justice by destroying the Court’s lock.

The former ruling party has since confessed owing the Worjoloh McClain Enterprises, owner of the Party’s Old Headquarters in Congo Town, but has been finding it difficult to pay the amount in question.

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